School Bus Injury May Be Grounds For Legal Case

Everyday parents walk their children to the bus stop and watch as the big yellow bus pulls away with their most prized possession. Although most parents feel safe with their children riding the bus, every year there are cases of bus related injuries. As an auto accident attorney in Reno I want to talk to you about bus related injuries.

One of the current issues revolving around school buses is the bus driver being on the phone. In some states, it is illegal to talk on the phone and drive. It is obvious in these states that the bus driver should not be doing this. However, does a state law really matter? Shouldn’t a bus driver’s focus be on the road and the safety of its passengers?

If your child is injured an in accident due to a bus drivers negligence then you may be able to get compensation. However, injuries do not just occur due to accidents. If a bus driver stops too fast, turns too sharply or takes a bump too fast your child may be injured. If your child is injured in one of these situations, you may have a personal injury case. However, these cases are more difficult to prove. The biggest difficulty around bus related injuries is that it is your child’s word versus that of the bus driver, who is a grown and supposedly responsible adult.

If you have a child riding a school bus, then you should talk to them about their behavior while waiting for the bus, while on the bus, and getting off the bus. The bus driver will probably talk to them about the bus’ rules, but your voice will have more of an impact. It is important to talk to you children about staying seated and facing forward. If there is an accident and your child is facing backwards or standing up they are more likely to be more severally injured.

Please do not let this article scare you; buses are still a safe way for your children to get to school. You just need to be aware of the possibility of injury while riding a bus and know that you may be able to file a personal injury suit if the bus driver’s negligence leads to your child’s injury.

If your child has been injured while riding on a school bus, then you may want to talk to a personal injury attorney or an auto accident attorney in Reno. Lastly, if you notice the bus driver doing something that you think they shouldn’t, like talking on a cell phone, then you should contact the school district. As will most personal injuries, awareness can make a huge difference.

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