About Our Accident Lawyers

Steve Hess owns and manages the law office of Steve M. Hess Attorney at Law. For more than 30 years, Hess has successfully represented hundreds of clients in personal injury, family law and criminal law.

His decision to enter law happened by chance. In fact, Hess’ college fraternity brother referred him to his family’s business, a large national insurance company. He was trained as an insurance adjuster and adjusted claims for car accidents and other injuries. While working on a case with an attorney, Hess realized practicing law could help people far beyond his role as a claims adjuster, and satisfy his desire to help others. He soon applied to law school in Arizona.

After receiving his Bachelors Degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, Hess graduated from the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law. Soon after, Hess jump-started his law career and opened his own practice, focusing on personal injury, criminal, and family law.

Today Hess has helped hundreds of clients navigate the law, understand their rights and help them reclaim thousands of dollars. Hess started out with the goal of helping people, even if it meant less money, and that goal still continues to fuel his passion daily. One of his proudest moments gave peace of mind for a gentleman and his wife. The man fell on ice caused from a leaky swamp cooler on his way to a meeting. The injury shattered the man’s hip, and subsequent surgeries resulted in numerous infections. Hess settled for a substantial amount of money, which gave the man enough money to take care of himself, and his wife, after he had died.

With more than three decades of experience, Hess continues his philosophy of personal service, personal contact and experience. Steve lives in Reno with his wife Louanne and his son Kyle, who is studying law. Hess also enjoys having achieved numerous world records and three consecutive national championships for drag boat racing—a hobby he practiced for 15 years. As he says, drag boat racing required focus, dedication and direction—three things that he continues to employ with his clients each day. He is also a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, Nevadans for Justice Association and the Reno Central Rotary.