Car Accidents NEED a Reno Personal Injury Attorney!

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality in the world we live in. With such a large percentage of the population, young and old, getting behind the wheel daily, it is not surprising that accidents occur. Most accidents result from someone’s negligence, which usually means that they just weren’t being as careful as they should have been. No matter how an accident happens, if you’ve been injured in one, it is important to speak to your personal injury attorney in Reno to determine if you have a car accident case.

In Nevada, drivers are required by law to carry auto insurance; most of the time if you’ve been in an accident, you will be dealing with an insurance company and their insurance adjusters. Remember, they are in business to make money, not to pay claims. Insurance companies and insurance adjusters have a lot of experience in presenting you what seems like the best option to both sides, but is really in their favor–not yours. This is why it is important to speak with your Reno personal injury attorney about your car accident case.

The best way for you to ensure that you are treated fairly is to hire an attorney who will stand up for you. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in Reno can be the difference between getting what you are entitled to and getting run over by the insurance company. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a personal injury claim may be your next step–but do you know the process? There are many steps between your accident and receiving compensation. To help with your understanding of the situation, there are some  important phrases and definitions that you should know and understand. Your personal injury attorney in Reno will also help you grasp the situation.

There are three basic steps to proving your car accident case. First, determine what act of negligence caused the accident. Examples of negligence are: running a red light, failing to yield, or not acknowledging a pedestrian’s right of way, etc. Next, you must show who is responsible for the accident. While this may seem simple, it usually it is not. There are many technical legal arguments that an insurance company attorney can make to try to pin the blame on you, the victim.

There are two types of damages. Special damages are concrete and are basically payment for medical bills, medications, etc. General damages are less concrete and cover vague concepts like pain and suffering. All of these parts require evidence in order to be proven–that is why it is so important to look to the expertise of your personal injury attorney in Reno.

It is important to note that filing a personal injury lawsuit is also time sensitive. Nevada statutes of limitations have a limited time frame.  To get your claim started, it is important to gather as much information as you can from the accident scene. Take photos of the scene; take notes about the time and locations of the cars involved. Also, get to know your insurance policy. It is important to know what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t, so you know what your rights are. Your personal injury attorney in Reno will help you with your car accident case, but it is still a good idea to have a general understanding of your specific  situation.

Your Personal Injury Attorney Reno,

Steve Hess

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