Accident Lawyer in Reno Explains Suit Options Concerning a Multi-Car Collision

Multi-car collisions are some of the most difficult situations to sort out for insurance companies and accident lawyers in Reno. A claim in an auto accident that involves many cars typically requires a reconstruction of the accident to determine fault. Some states, like Nevada, have a comparative fault law that allows a jury in a case to assign a percentage of fault to each driver in the accident. Because these situations are so complex, they require consultation with an accident lawyer that has years of experience.

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Accident Reconstruction

One of the first steps after a multi-car collision is the reconstruction. An example of this comes after a car is stopped at a red light and rear-ended by five vehicles. To determine liability, a reconstruction must take place to determine which car or cars are at fault. Because the vehicle in the front was stopped, it likely bears no liability. The other cars in the accident all bear some percentage, however. An accident lawyer in Reno can work to recreate the auto accident from the beginning to allow the driver in the front to sue for damages.

Dealing with Insurance

Another aspect that demonstrates the complexity of multi-car crashes is insurance coverage. Using the previous example, if the driver stopped at the red light has uninsured motorist coverage, this can be used for compensation. This may be the only option if an accident reconstruction determines that the driver at fault fled the scene. In most cases involving multiple cars, an accident lawyer is needed to take the case to the insurance provider to seek a settlement. If an acceptable settlement isn’t offered, the case must then be taken to court to be tried before a jury. This is especially important if a personal injury is sustained.

Comparative Fault

Many states, including Nevada, have something known as comparative fault. If a multi-car collision case goes before a jury, the jury has the ability to assign blame to more than one driver involved in the accident. Comparative fault allows the jury to assign a percentage of blame to every driver they believe was at fault, making them responsible for a part of the awarded damages. In some situations, drivers who are assigned a small portion of the fault can still be compensated for injury.

Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries

If personal injuries are suffered from a multi-car crash, it’s important to seek compensation right away. Discussing the case with an accident lawyer is the first step toward making a claim. Lawsuits regarding personal injury from an auto accident can include medical costs, pain and suffering, punitive damages, on-going care and more. It’s important to remember that even drivers with a small responsibility in the accident can receive compensation for personal injury.

Multi-car collisions are incredibly complex and require an experienced accident lawyer in Reno if you want to receive full compensation. Because insurance can be tricky in these situations, it’s sometimes necessary to take the case to court to determine liability. When a personal injury occurs, it’s more important than ever to settle the issue quickly to avoid issues with the statute of limitations.

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